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Nordic design and quality

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Akupanel | 240

Our most popular design to date. Remove reverberation and create a beautiful, natural look.

Akupanel | 60

Transform your space – panel by panel. Discover our latest design, Akupanel | 60.

Akupanel | 240 – Classic Oak (Black Felt, Black Core)


Akupanel | 60 – Classic Oak (Black Felt)


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We are WoodUpp

We help people create great spaces through our Nordic designs. Our products transform the way rooms sound and look, making af positive difference in people’s lives.

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Get inspired by other people’s projects.


We couldn’t wait to visit Annemiek’s home in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands. As soon as we heard she has not just one, but multiple WoodUpp projects, our curiosity was piqued.

Akupanel | 240 – Classic Oak (Black Felt)



Suzan was super excited to have us over and couldn’t wait to show off her awesome feature wall in the living room. As soon as you walk in, you can’t miss it, the wall is a total showstopper.


We were lucky enough to visit Mark Falgren, also known as Lovestick, the drummer of the band Lukas Graham, and witness his fantastic home project featuring our panels.

Akupanel | 240 – Rustic Smoked Oak



We visited the home of Morten Olsen, a music producer, DJ, devoted family man, and television personality, better known as Faustix.

Conference room 8-kanten

Some time ago, we received an order for over 500 panels, and we were absolutely thrilled. We couldn’t wait to see the project come to life and how it would transform the space.

Akupanel | 240 – Rustic Natural Oak


Transform your bedroom

You can transform your bedroom into a soothing oasis conducive to relaxation and better sleep in just a few hours.

Akupanels significantly contribute to creating this relaxing atmosphere.

Japandi: How to create the look

The merging of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian simplicity has given rise to an emerging design trend called “Japandi”.

It’s a playful and sophisticated style that embraces the tranquility, harmony, and functionality of both cultures.

akupanel classic oak-black ceiling woodupp